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Weather - Esperance Accommodation, Esperance Visitor Centre, Esperance Western Australia, Esperance Tourism, Accommodation, Tours, Events, Activities, Hire, Car Hire, Businesses
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Esperance has a Mediterranean-type climate with warm, dry summers and cool, wet winters. It is subject to wide variations in the weather, from hot summer days when northerly winds arrive from the interior of the state, to cold, wet winter days with southerly winds from the Southern Ocean.

The annual average rainfall is (619 mm) and occurs between May and October. July is the wettest month with an average of 99.7 mm.

January and February maximum temperatures average 26°C, although temperatures above 35°C occur about 11 times each year. Such high temperatures are usually followed by a dramatic cool change when the winds shift to the south and drop the temperature by up to 20°C.

Winter daytime maximum temperatures average 17-18°C although it may be somewhat colder when strong southerly winds follow a cold front.

July, the coldest month, has an average minimum temperature of 8°C and while the lowest minimum temperature recorded at the Post Office is -0.6°C. temperatures below 4°C are rare.

Esperance Weather Forecast